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金沙国际备用网址:US stocks giant earthquake QDII fund may redeem redemption

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内容摘要: Recent US stocks tumbled, so that last year's famed QDII fund was bloodblown in the beginning of the year after a good start, net retreat, ...

Recent US stocks tumbled, so that last year's famed QDII fund was bloodblown in the beginning of the year after a good start, net retreat, the net decline of QDII even more than 5%.


Highlights last year


US stocks rose strongly in 2017, highlights are frequent, the Dow Jones industrial average rose as much as 25.22%; Standard \u0026 Poor's 500 stocks index rose 19.73%; NASDAQ Composite Index rose 28.85%. In addition to the US stocks, Hong Kong stocks rose 36% last year, outperforming the global stock market , the highest ever recorded. Benefit from this, investing in US stocks, Hong Kong stocks and emerging markets theme QDII funds generally rosy performance, 2017 QDII funds average annual return of 16.20%, compared with the second equity funds average yield higher than the recent 5 A little.


"Golden Securities" reporter noted that in January of this year, the US stock market and the Hong Kong stock market still showed a steady upward trend. The equity products in QDII funds also firmly occupy the top of the list. Data show that in January 2018, more than 70% of QDII funds to achieve positive returns.

\n?However, as the Wall Street plunged on Feb. 2 and Feb. 5, the stock markets in the Asia Pacific market tumbled and the QDII's net value retreated substantially. Carding 161 QDII funds from February 1 to February 5, the net change can be found, Lion Global Real Estate Fund fell the most, net decrease of 5.57%; Warburg Overseas Growth Fund, the smallest decline in China, the net decline of 1.37% .


or Redemption


In the fourth quarter of last year, as of the end of the fourth quarter of last year, a total of 32 funds held US stocks accounted for more than 50% of the net value of funds, of which 19 held more than 90% of the total.


A fund manager in Shanghai on the "Securities" reporter said, "This round of US stock market decline, mainly due to the previous rise in profit-taking too much impact, not the fundamentals .At present, the United States economic fundamentals remain strong, raising interest rates The cycle has just begun Interest rate The level has not hurt the real economy yet, and the bull market is hard to come by in the short term. In addition, although the short-term correction of Hong Kong stocks, the valuation is still at historically low level and the overall trend will not be affected. "

\n?It is worth noting that QDII has been going through a net redemption until the US stock plunge. From the quarters of 2017, QDII funds were net redeemed 4.139 billion copies, 121.26 billion copies, 4.92 billion copies and 6.441 billion copies respectively, with a total net redemption of 27.638 billion copies. QDII funds, which top 20 yields last year, were net redeemed for 2.493 billion shares, of which only 8 saw their share of last year's increase. From a single product point of view, last year only 31 QDII fund shares increased, accounting for about 26.5%. 11 QDII funds shrink the annual share of more than Qi Cheng, the annual net redemption rate of more than 80% QDII there are four.


The above fund manager told "Golden Securities" reporter said that with the deepening of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen deep fund camp, QDII fund significantly reduced the attraction. In addition, QDII made significant gains last year, but experienced a plunge these days, perhaps QDII usher in a redemption wave.





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